Member Stories

Member Stories

We communicate regularly with our members. We want to make sure we are still meeting their needs and to give them an opportunity to share their experiences and stories as an Access to Care member.

We can talk all day about how we think the Access to Care program helps our members — but I’m sure you’d rather hear from the members themselves!

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“Before I had Access to Care, I didn’t have a doctor. If I was seriously ill, I had to go to an emergency room, and it was very expensive. So, I suffered from my medical conditions at home. It was very frustrating but now, thanks to ATC, I have an annual check-up and I am under the care of a doctor. “
“I have to say, I am grateful for this insurance.  If it weren’t for this, I would have nothing. I have many medical problems and the doctor I have is wonderful. He does everything he can to help meet with all my issues. He sends me to all the specialists I need to live a normal life.”
“Access to Care has been a lifesaver. My family is definitely in that gap between making more than limit to qualify for Medicaid but not being able to afford insurance privately. My husband and I both have jobs that don’t offer insurance for part-time.
“COVID has affected us a lot because my husband lost his job and we have fallen behind with the rent and we have been very indebted with cards and bills. We hope this ends soon and thank you very much for your support with your medical service – ATC has helped us a lot.”
“… I cannot afford private insurance and Thank God every day for Access to Care. I am able to get my meds, see a doctor if I’m sick. This has lifted a giant burden off me. The doctor I have is wonderful. I tell my friends and family how Access to Care has helped me.”
“COVID affected me first by me losing my job. But, thanks to Access to Care, I could afford my medications. Thank you!”