Are You Eligible?

Are you Eligible for the Access to Care Program?

Access to Care helps adults in Suburban Cook County and northwest Chicago who:

  • Do not have health insurance
  • Have health insurance, but pay a high deductible of $1,500 or more
  • Are not eligible for public health programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid (due to immigration status or other reasons)

Now let’s look at where you live and your current income to see if you are eligible for Access to Care services…



Do you live in any SUBURB of Cook County?   OR

Do you live in northwest Chicago with the following zip codes: 60630; 60631; 60634; 60639; 60641; 60646; or 60656?

If you answered YES to either residency question, continue … 



Is your individual income $45,180 or less per year*?   OR

Less than $93,600 annually for a family of 4?*

If you answered YES to either income question … 
Not sure if you are eligible? Call us at 708-531-0680 and our staff can help!

*Income levels are based on ATC member guidelines of “at or below 300%” of the 2023 United States Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Do you live outside the Access to Care service area?

We encourage you to explore one of these options:
  • If you live in Cook County, you may be eligible for CountyCare—an Illinois Medicaid managed care health plan. Visit or call 312-864-8200.
  • If you live in Chicago, call 312-744-5000 or visit, for services available.
  • If you live in DuPage County, contact Access DuPage, which connects low income and uninsured DuPage County Residents to affordable health services. Visit: or call 630-510-8720.
  • If you live in Will County, visit or call 815-727-8670.
  • If you live in Kane County, visit or call 630-208-3801.
  • Contact your local township office to learn what services are available to residents.
  • Email the ATC Resource Desk at or call 708-531-0680 and we will try to assist you