Benefits, Documents & FAQs

Member Benefits, Documents, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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$0 Enrollment Fee:  New members or members who are re-enrolling for the ATC program can apply with a $0 enrollment fee. Go to “How to Apply” for ways to apply.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) about the ATC Program

Yes. Vaccinations for flu and pneumonia are covered by Access to Care at zero cost. These are the ONLY vaccinations covered by the program. You do not need a prescription to request these vaccinations, however Flu and Pneumonia vaccines must be provided by your local pharmacy. They will not be covered if administered at your physician’s office.

For information about COVID-19 vaccinations, which are free to everyone, visit the COVID Resource Page

All patients receive a copy of Your Guide: Available Services & Detailed Program Information for Access to Care Members. Be sure to read this thoroughly. There are listings of contracted lab drawing sites and hospital radiology departments. You pay $5 at the time of your visit. Not all lab tests or radiology procedures are covered. You can only go to the places listed in Your Guide for covered lab and x-ray procedures; otherwise you will be responsible for payment.

Yes. Take your ATC doctor’s prescription for the diabetic test strips to your pharmacy. You will receive a 30-day supply of the strips for free.

We do not cover the testing device itself, but call or email us and we may be able to help.

Access to Care works with Ascension Illinois to offer behavioral health services. Sessions are available in-person (at Loyola Center for Health in Maywood), virtually, or over the phone. Access to Care members can receive an initial assessment visit plus up to 8 counseling sessions. There is a co-payment of $5 per session and more sessions are available via sliding fee scale. To schedule a session, call Ascension Illinois at 708-786-8505, say you are an Access to Care member and staff will help set up your first session. Ascension Illinois’ 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 708-681-HELP (4357) is always available. If you have an emergency or are in immediate danger, go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Email ( or call (708-531-0680) Access to Care to request a new card. A $5.00 payment is required for a replacement card as stated in the Your Guide.

No. Access to Care is a primary health care program. That means the program covers visits to your Access to Care physician, basic lab tests, x-rays, and a variety of prescription medications. Program physicians are internists and family physicians.

Once an application is processed, the individual will be assigned to the nearest participating physician. Every attempt is made to match people to physician practices where someone speaks the patient’s language. If you have a personal physician and want to know if he/she is a participating physician, please call the Access to Care office directly.

Access to Care does NOT cover specialty care, but we will help you navigate the process. If you need to see a specialist, your Access to Care physician will contact the ATC office to let us know what information about you is needed. Our staff will send your information to a Cook County Health facility and they will make an appointment for you. Cook County Health will notify you directly of the date and time of your appointment. These facilities ask for payment on a sliding scale, based on your income. Call us at 708-531-0680 if you have questions.

No, if you have no income and are living with someone rent-free, simply include a letter from that individual noting that you are receiving room and board at their residence. Include that information with your application. Go to the How to Apply page for more information.

No, the program does not cover emergency room visits, specialty care, or visits to doctors other than your assigned Access to Care doctor.

No. Because there are services for pregnant women called the Moms and Babies Program under the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

No because children (under age 18) are eligible for the All Kids program. All Kids is the Illinois program for children who need comprehensive, affordable, health insurance, regardless of immigration status or health condition. With All Kids, your children will be able to get the care they need, when they need it. It means you can take your child to the doctor for a regular check-up, to the dentist to fill a cavity, or to the eye doctor to get a prescription for glasses.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners granted the program special funding to cover an area in Chicago that was either not served or underserved by other entities. It was later determined that the northwestern portion of Chicago fit those parameters. The Chicago zip codes covered by Access to Care are: 60630; 60631; 60634; 60639; 60641; 60646; and 60656. If you live in Chicago, but not in the zip codes listed above, you may be eligible for CountyCare, call 855-444-1661.

You can request a change of doctor via email ( or in writing (Access to Care; 2225 Enterprise Drive, Suite 2507; Westchester, IL 60154) and be sure to include the reason for the change. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

If you reside outside the Access to Care service area, please check with your local department of public health or township office to learn what services are available. See Are You Eligible? for more information.

If you do not find your answer here or need more information, call us at 708-531-0680 or email us at

Member Information & Forms

Membership Renewal

To renew your membership in Access to Care, you’ll need to complete a new application. Simply fill out an online application or print an Application Packet. You can also go to the How to Apply page and use one of the other options to renew.


Your Guide

Once you are enrolled in ATC Program, you will receive Your Guide: Available Services & Detailed Program Information for Access to Care Members  in your membership packet sent to you by mail. Refer to the Your Guide for important information such as:

  • Services Included/Not Included
  • Member Identification Cards
  • Doctor and Pharmacy Services
  • Lab and X-ray Services/Sites
  • Counseling/Behavioral Health Services
  • Member Rights and Responsibilities
  • Community Resources


Laboratory Sites

For ATC members, lab services are only available through Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp facilities. They list locations on their websites.

Visit Quest Diagnostics or call 866-697-8378  |  Visit LabCorp or call 888-522-2677.


X-Ray Sites

For Access to Care members, x-ray services are only available at select locations. See Your Guide for location addresses and phone numbers.


Your Medication Guide

In your membership packet, you will also receive your Your Medication Guide. Refer to the Your Medication Guide for important information such as:

  • Generic, Preferred Brand Name, and Non-Preferred Brand Name medications
  • Options for cost-saving prescriptions through ATC partners

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