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You can provide primary health care services to one person for a whole year. Create your own web page and help us raise money by reaching out to your network of friends, family, and colleagues.

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“Without Access to Care I would be in dire straits. I recently completed my doctorate at the University of Oxford in England and have only been able to find part-time work in the Chicago area. The best price I could find for insurance was almost $700 per month. That is more than half my salary. When I saw an advertisement in my local paper about the program I immediately called. The people at the Worth Township office were very helpful and explained the benefits of Access to Care. The people aided me in completing the paperwork.

When I was quite ill this past summer I was able to see a doctor, a doctor who was just as competent and pleasant as my wonderful GP in England. I was able to get the needed medications and am now healthy. I thank God for Access to Care. It is providing me with a bridge until I obtain full-time employment with benefits. Access to Care is absolutely necessary – and it must grow. The work of Access to Care can be lifesaving. Thank you.”

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